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So while some of us find Lee Evans to be a hilarious act out on stage, others do not share the same opinion of the record winning man. In fact, our next post highlights some of the frailties that Lee has shown over the years that he has been a comedian. Our next post is by Jeff from Timeout Comedy and will be a short introduction for why he feels that Lee has overachieved in the years that he has been a comedian.

Comedy Review - Lee Evans

Lee has been, from what I believe has been close to ten years now, a unbelievably great clown for all of us to watch over the years. On his 2014 arena tour called Monsters the majority of people watching were in amazement by the quality of his jokes, but for me and many others too – we were not so impressed. We may have all been mesmerized in his early years and did not call him out on his drabness, however after spending close to ten years watching him, we have grown sick and tired of his monotonic jokes and overly over the top jokes. He tries to appeal to the masses by making fun of himself and coming across as a genuine down to earth and nice guy, this is something that wasn’t actually replicated in his latest tour and we found that there was something behind the scenes that wasn’t necessarily let out in his performance. A hint of desperation and neediness maybe, he wasn’t quite the legend that he once was for all of us here. I’m sure many will disagree with this sentiment, however his show came across as dumb, his jokes unfounded and overall he was beginning to sound increasingly like a drone that needed to be shut up.
His jokes were pathetic and in many cases childish, child like and not even remotely funny. I shouldn’t really be publicizing my thoughts of Lee on a website designed to compliment him, however I feel so strongly about this it would be wrong for me to ignore my thoughts.

These are not unfounded in any sense, all of his shows are online on YouTube and if you take a look for yourself now that two years have passed, you will see that he doesn’t have much variation whatsoever. He tries so hard to be expressive and out right funny, that it’s just not funny anymore. We all know that the funniest people around today are those that it appears effortless for, not people that are literally sweating profusely across the stage, trying to get a few extra people to laugh. He’s much a like a worm on a hook, warning off a potential fish that is about to take a bite, he’s just not funny any more and I have grown tired of his joke and am personally very happy that he chose to retire – much to the success of lesser known comedians that can now take a spot on stage. Lee needs to get up and off his folding bike and stay away from the comedy scene.

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