Scrap metal dealer responsibilities:

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Displaying the licence (section 10) For sites, the licence holder must: • display a copy of the licence at each site covered by the licence • display the licence or copy of the licence in a prominent place that is accessible by the public For mobile collectors, the licence holder must: • display a copy of the licence on any vehicle that is being used in the course of the dealer’s business • display the licence or copy of the licence in a way that enables it to be easily read from outside of the vehicle Failure to comply with any of these conditions is an offence. Duty on licence holder to verify supplier’s identity (section 11) Verification of the identity of the person selling the metal is a fundamental part of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act. This applies to site and collectors. It is an offence for a dealer not to obtain and verify the seller’s name and address. The dealer must verify the name and address by reference to documents, data or other information obtained from a reliable and independent source. (See section below about acceptable documents). It is an offence for the seller to give a false name or address. Acceptable documents to verify identity In order to verify a person’s name and address, it will be sufficient for the scrap metal dealer to refer to either one of these documents which bears the person’s full name, photograph and residential address 1. a valid United Kingdom passport, or 2. a valid passport issued by an EEA state; or 3. a valid Great Britain or Northern Ireland photo-card driving licence; or 4. a valid UK biometric immigration document, issued in accordance with regulations made under section 5 of the UK Borders Act 2007 or a document listed above which has the person’s full name, photograph and date of birth, and a supporting document listed below which has the person’s full name and residential address. 5 a bank or building society statement; 6 a credit or debit card statement; 7 a council tax demand letter or statement; or 8 a utility bill, but not a mobile telephone bill Provided that the date on which the document in question was issued is not more than three months before the date when the scrap metal is received by the scrap metal dealer. Any document in 1-4 which shows the sellers full name, photograph and residential address is ok on it’s own. If it doesn’t show a residential address it must be backed up by a document shown in 5-8 that shows a residential address and is dated no earlier than three months before the dealer received the metal.

Scrap Copper Prices in the United States (USA)

I’ve always kept a keen eye on scrap copper prices per pound and indeed per kilo in my local state, it’s quite something actually because they change all too often. It’s incredibly hard to have an accurate idea of what value you will receive for your copper at any one time. I think that this spikes my interest in the subject, much alike trading stocks and shares, you really have to be on the ball all the time in order to make some serious money in the scrap metal game. It’s easy for me to say this, but it’s genuinely true. I think that there’s a lot of easier ways to make money out there if you are slightly keen to keep updated with the existing scrap metal prices in your region of the country. However, if you are super keen to do this then you might be able to make a tidy sum every month to add to your salary.

I love these little supplementary bits of money, you can store them away and use them for special treats like holidays or other fun activities that you may not ordinarily get to do. This is the beauty of the internet, there is a sheer abundance of methods out there, you just need to find one that works for you. Thank you all for coming to my website, I always appreciate my loyal fans listening to each and every one of my words, I know that I don’t do the best job at keeping you all in the loop with my daily musings. However, that is all going to change soon as I am close to announcing my 2017 tour dates and will only be on here posting about scrap copper prices once or twice again moving forward.

Cheers guys, keep living the dream and make sure that you keep on making some extra cash with your scrap metal at scrap yards in your state. Lee x

Lee Evans – Video Games

So as many of you will already know, Lee Evans has become somewhat of an advocate for video gaming in recent years. He is a self professed gamer who owns pretty much every single type of gaming console around – yes, that’s right, a Playstation 4 (PS4), an Xbox One, Playstation 3 (PS3), Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Wii, Gamecube, Playstation 2 (PS2), Xbox and much more too. He has publicly spoken about his affiliation with video gaming and what he believes are the benefits that it provides young people with, as well as the potentially detrimental affects that it can have on their young, developing minds. I personally agree with much of what he publicizes and think that it is great that such figureheads in our modern society are getting behind video gaming. It’s something that we do need to see more of and what a better way to do so than getting people like Lee Evans and all of his celebrity friends talking about it too. I really can’t think of a better way, can you? If you can, do let all of us know about it and we will get back to you on your thoughts! Lee has spoken about video gaming for many years now, being an avid PS4 fan, in the press – but for the majority of the time it has gone relatively un-noticed because people were more interested in what he was doing in the comedy world, rather than what he thought about gaming and eSports.

PS4 Review

Now that he has retired it is good to see him sticking around and using his great mind to potentially better us all as people. The ideology that gaming is solely for people who sit alone and play games without any friends is a dying one and hopefully one that we are going to be seeing less and less of as time goes on. I think that in the very near future we will see gaming at the forefront of our society and playing a large roll not only in the enjoyment that our children have growing up, but more in their development as people too.

For any of you that did not know this side of Lee Evans, you can actually follow his personal blog to see what he has been saying lately regarding his PS4 adventures. He actually spent a long time learning how to jailbreak PS4 hardware and now his PS4 jailbreak is enabling him to try all of the games completely free. PS4 CFW is now readily available and Lee has posted instructions for how people can join him and play some games with him online, check it out on his own website and you can learn a lot more yourself about these possibilities too.

This has been a relatively unique post for me today, I hope you have all enjoyed reading about this insight into Lee, if you did enjoy it then we will certainly be looking to post more about this type of topic.

An Alternate Review

So while some of us find Lee Evans to be a hilarious act out on stage, others do not share the same opinion of the record winning man. In fact, our next post highlights some of the frailties that Lee has shown over the years that he has been a comedian. Our next post is by Jeff from Timeout Comedy and will be a short introduction for why he feels that Lee has overachieved in the years that he has been a comedian.

Comedy Review - Lee Evans

Lee has been, from what I believe has been close to ten years now, a unbelievably great clown for all of us to watch over the years. On his 2014 arena tour called Monsters the majority of people watching were in amazement by the quality of his jokes, but for me and many others too – we were not so impressed. We may have all been mesmerized in his early years and did not call him out on his drabness, however after spending close to ten years watching him, we have grown sick and tired of his monotonic jokes and overly over the top jokes. He tries to appeal to the masses by making fun of himself and coming across as a genuine down to earth and nice guy, this is something that wasn’t actually replicated in his latest tour and we found that there was something behind the scenes that wasn’t necessarily let out in his performance. A hint of desperation and neediness maybe, he wasn’t quite the legend that he once was for all of us here. I’m sure many will disagree with this sentiment, however his show came across as dumb, his jokes unfounded and overall he was beginning to sound increasingly like a drone that needed to be shut up.
His jokes were pathetic and in many cases childish, child like and not even remotely funny. I shouldn’t really be publicizing my thoughts of Lee on a website designed to compliment him, however I feel so strongly about this it would be wrong for me to ignore my thoughts.

These are not unfounded in any sense, all of his shows are online on YouTube and if you take a look for yourself now that two years have passed, you will see that he doesn’t have much variation whatsoever. He tries so hard to be expressive and out right funny, that it’s just not funny anymore. We all know that the funniest people around today are those that it appears effortless for, not people that are literally sweating profusely across the stage, trying to get a few extra people to laugh. He’s much a like a worm on a hook, warning off a potential fish that is about to take a bite, he’s just not funny any more and I have grown tired of his joke and am personally very happy that he chose to retire – much to the success of lesser known comedians that can now take a spot on stage. Lee needs to get up and off his folding bike and stay away from the comedy scene.

Lee Evans – A Review

Here it is, our highly awaited review of Lee Evans – it is not the first time that Lee Evans and his performance has actually ended with a song, this time a ballad rather than a stereo typically Lee Evans’ styled tune. Lee Evans is a great personality to have anywhere in the world, he performs observational comedy that essentially sacrifices his personal life in order to ensure that others are constantly giggling at his jokes. It’s not quite autobiographical, but it offers people watching the show a much greater insight into Lee’s life so far. Lee Evans has an uncanny ability to keep people interested in his show for extremely long duration and always having a laugh at his sometimes outlandish and out there jokes. Lee has also got the knack for being extremely expressive and really ousting reactions from the crowd watching him, he is constantly straining and ultimately when he is on the stage he is no longer himself.

He transforms into a master of the stage and the crowd is always with him, following his relentless jokes from start to finish. He is a true master of massive scale comedy sketches, he quickly outgrew performing to small rooms as a child and from the age of 15 he was already well on his way to stardom. Now that he has become such a house hold name in recent years, it really is difficult to even begin to imagine him playing in front of a small room of people – it just wouldn’t happen really, would it now? One way that I could describe Lee is that he is like a cartoon, his jokes are subtly amusing but at times out right hilarious too – he is completely flexible with his voice, enabling him to effortlessly change from scene to scene in a eloquent and fluid manner – something that many of today’s comedians are still struggling with on a massive level.

Lee manages to transition from one subject to another without becoming stuck on any particular topic, like no other. At no point will you ever find yourself becoming tired or in any way bored with his sketches, they have all been beautifully constructed to appeal to a mass audience and so there is absolutely always something for everybody watching. This is something that really struck a chord with me and has kept me totally in awe of his performances for many years now. I can’t say that about too many other comedians because it simply isn’t true, despite the fact that they are also undoubtedly really funny at times.

If you would love to see Lee in 2016, you may have some difficulties because he only appears on a rare occasion now – but if you hold your nerve for long enough and wait to pounce on a potential pair of tickets then you may be in luck, because it’s extremely likely that he will be out on show again soon – and well away from retirement. Keep your eyes firmly peeled everybody!

The Legend Of Lee Evans

Lee Evans is a world known comedian who retired a few years ago, in all of his years of being on the stage in the limelight he has grown his audience considerably and a large number of people were upset when he announced his retirement. He was actually one of the top paid comedians in the world and at one point the top paid comedian in Britain too – quite the accolade to say the least. In actual fact, in 2008 his Big tour DVD was the highest selling DVD at Christmas time, the same thing occurred once again in 2014 when he released his monsters DVD tour. Between the two DVD’s he sold over 5 million copies, this is a huge achievement for the Bristol born comedian.

Lee Evans

His early life was fairly atypical for many of his age, he grew up always wanting to become a comedian and followed his dream from a very young age. As young as 12 years old he was already on the stage in front of his peers and also in front of a whole host of diverse audiences too. He initially gained fame in the early 1990’s with his notoriously loud, boozy and sweaty performances that he did throughout London. It wasn’t for close to another 10 years before he started to become known across the world for being a comedian. He is a a very physical comedian who centers his acts upon observational comedy, he also provides very dry humor for those who are interested in that sort of thing and he is known as having a well rounded set of jokes too.
He is regularly seen sweating profusely on stage and he always seems to take an intermission when he is performing too. Sometimes he will actually leave the stage to go and have a shower too. This isn’t something that is commonly seen in the comedy world, but Evans has made it his own and has no problem with doing it. Evans’ popularity has grown from strength to strength since his retirement as he has aimed to become somewhat of a television personality instead. He has had numerous appearances on the Jonothan Ross show and has also become known for being a singer and musician too. It is evident from any one person that has followed his journey over the years that he is one of the world’s finest comedians and above all he is a really lovely person too. I think that he is going to do a stellar job when he finally becomes a well known television personality, however we may be a few years away from that now. Fingers crossed for Lee Evans from everybody here that he finally achieves another one of his dreams because he is a truly good person and deserves absolutely everything that comes his way. In the near future we are all definitely going to see a lot more from him.